March Madness

March Madness

Monday, January 15, 2018

Family Photos 2018

Once again our friend Kelly from Sweet Elaine Photography captured the perfect pictures of our family! I am so grateful for her talent! We took the photos when Josefine was 10 days old. Everyone cooperated and made the experience very pleasant! I cant believe we have three kids!





Friday, January 5, 2018

Two weeks of Josefine!

2 weeks of our sweet baby girl have flown by! I’m always crying to joe that my baby is growing up so fast - he thinks my anxiety about rapid growth and the kids “almost moving off to college” is a bit rediculous. I do recognize that it’s a little over the top but that doesn’t stop me from feeling like time is just flying by and I need to just snuggle them a little more and stay in the present moment! Josefine is a dream and her newbornness wont last long so we are really enjoying the extra sleep, snuggles and quiet home days while they last!




The kids are totally obsessed with her! They want to love all over her and jack cannot stop talking about her extra soft cheeks that he Likes to snuggle on! They ask to hold her and
Hug her and kiss her and tell me every time she moves or makes a noise or poops! 


She had an appointment at 5 days old and had already put on close to a pound over her birth weight - the doctor was shocked and said this barely ever happens! She’s an eating machine and my milk supply is over the top!








She has gotten lots of snuggles from our family and already is so loved!! Her cousin Henry can’t get enough of her and it’s so sweet! He’s considering naming his new baby Josefine 😉









We were so lucky to have amy come in town for a very last minute trip! We loved having her in town to meet Josefine! So many great memories!






“Mama, Josefine is my little sweetie! I just love that baby” - Jack




We are just having the most snuggly cold winter days at home with our sweet baby! We all love you so much Josefine!