March Madness

March Madness

Monday, May 21, 2018

Five Months!

Josefine Rose you are five months - how did that happen! We are on a family vacation in Florida with you this week and soaking up all your cuteness!


You smile at everyone, roll over, want to stand up all the time, get so excited and so calm when Jack and Elisabeth love on you, and laugh when tickled. You are a very quiet and joyful baby!


You love to be held and are so snuggly! You are also putting together longer stretches of playtime by yourself. 


You continue to sleep well and are just the chunkiest little nugget 


You already love the water and warm weather like the rest of us! 



You and jack have the same profile! Maybe you will look like him - so cute!


We love you sweet baby girl!! Stop growing SOO fast!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Earth Day!

I am a big fan of Earth day and love to celebrate the day! Since I was a freshman in college I have been going on Earth Day runs where I pick up trash all along my running route on Earth Day! Since having kids I have made it a tradition to go on an earth day walk and clean up our neighborhood. This year the kids were so into it! My favorite thing about my kids is their enthusiasm about almost anything! They ran up and down the streets around our house yelling “soo much garbage” “this is the most fun we have ever had!” And even running to see who could pick up the next piece. We managed to fill 7 garbage bags in our 3 mile walk around our neighborhood! As I drove around the next few days I felt so proud to look at the streets around our house and see them clean! Thinking we should make this a more regular thing - we all really enjoyed ourselves!





Wednesday, May 16, 2018


The kids and I took a great trip to Toledo to visit Aunt Alex, Uncle Genio and baby Therese! We had such a great trip, loved seeing their new home and town and enjoyed all the playtime! We even got to visit my cousins Ellie and Julia at University of Toledo!


Aunt Alex had adorable welcome gifts/sleepover gifts for the kids when we arrived!











Thanks for having us Cumbas!! We had such a great time and can’t wait to come back!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Reds Opening Day!

We always make our way downtown for the reds opening day parade! A day when crowds collect all over downtown to watch the parade and cheer on the Home team! 

This year omi, Opa, the kids and I took the bus downtown from Norwood and had a blast! 




Easter 2018

Long overdue! We had an awesome Easter celebration in Cleveland this year! The kids were very enthusiastic about the holiday and we had a great trip visiting family!







We dyed Easter eggs and had Easter egg hunts and ate yummy treats!






Things always get silly at grandmas house!! 


This little bug loved her first Easter!! 



We even got out for some hiking and playing at the park!



And our first long trip in our new van! It was quite luxurious! The kids of course loved every minute of it! (They find anything to be enthusiastic about - the best quality in the them!)


An easter full of great memories!